Destroying the Family Myth.

The Raisbeck Family of Ballarat. All families have stories, some are true and others are myths. How do we know the difference? I set out to find the proof of our family history. Belmont Resident Dies at 85  (Newcastle Morning Herald Tuesday Feb.10, 1970  Funeral services will be held at Broadmeadow today for Mr. ThomasContinue reading “Destroying the Family Myth.”

Family Matters

“Superficially, a family might look like an accidental gathering of individuals called together by chance meeting of a man and woman who fell in love and wanted to express the depth of their love in procreation. At a deeper level, a family is an incredible intertwining of multiple streams of ancestry, memory, shadow and light.Continue reading “Family Matters”

My Aged Care Questions.

When to start to investigate your needs for care in your later years? As my friends and I approached our 80th. birthdays, we began to seriously think about how we could manage to stay independent and healthy for as long as possible, without making any changes. What is available? In order to thoughtfully prepare forContinue reading “My Aged Care Questions.”

Robert Pirsig and Metaphysics of Quality

Anthony McWatt explores the philosophical ideas underlying the culture-changing 1970s blockbuster Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. “Rather than taking political sides, attempt to see all points of view before making a Quality decision. Why does this fit into Pirsig?  Because the mechanism of Quality is to sit with the facts and allow the bestContinue reading “Robert Pirsig and Metaphysics of Quality”

Tale of Two Families.

Meet Emily Raisbeck (nee Chamberlain) my paternal great grandmother and “Willie”. 1800’s Raisbeck family arrivals: My great grandfather Edwin Sheffield Raisbeck was born in London in 1844, his parents, Edward Charles Raisbeck and Catherine Swan were poor and were married 9/1/1831 at St. Andrew’s Holborn, London.  Edwin came to Australia in 1881 and lived atContinue reading “Tale of Two Families.”